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Warehouse and office located at 540 Wairakei Rd, Burnside, Christchurch leased to leading technology company Tait Communications.

This offer is only available to wholesale investors ($750,000 or more) under clauses 3(3)(a) or 3(3)(b)(i), or to eligible investors under clause 41, of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

There are a limited number of units available on our secondary market at the issue price of $50,000 each.  For more detailed information, please click here. 

Or contact:
David Kitson
cell: 021 722 231

David Pitt
cell: 027 255 8670

Property Syndicate Managers 

Taurus Management Limited (TML) was established in 2012 as a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) Manager and operates independently of Taurus Group Ltd. Our principal activity is commercial property syndication currently involving four separate syndicates around New Zealand and 210 investors.

TML manages a nationwide portfolio of commercial and industrial property assets valued at over $45m. The properties are managed on behalf of 210 investors in four property syndicates. The portfolio includes: retail, childcare, office and industrial property types.

TML is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 to manage Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) which primarily invest in, or own, real property in New Zealand (other than forestry or real property associated with forestry schemes or developments) and assets associated with ownership of that real property such as chattels and fixtures. TML is a Registered Financial Services Provider (FSP485326) and a member of the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme.

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Our Philosophy

We see our role as working in partnership with investors to deliver the best possible return and in doing this, we are resolutely open, transparent and communicative.  We believe this approach provides the ability to make the best decisions and achieve the best results for investors.

Our expert staff have extensive property, banking, accounting and business management experience. We are specialists in all aspects of general property advice, funding strategies, development finance, acquisition and divestment.  

As experienced managers of property syndicates we understand the most important things for property investors:

Finding and securing the right asset

Strengthening financial positions by accessing the most cost-effective funding

Increasing investor wealth through capital growth and regular distributions

Making it simple through efficient management and regular, open communication

Helping investors access liquidity 

A key focus is building genuine, strong and trusting relationships with investors. We meet or communicate regularly to provide updates in regard to all aspects of each property, tenancies, funding, major changes such as divestments or acquisitions, and further investment opportunities. Over time many of our investors have become strong supporters and have continued to benefit from involvement with a range of projects.

What is Commercial Property Syndication and how does it work? Click here to find out more.

Case Studies 



A golden investment opportunity as Tuapeka expands 

Key Contacts

David Kitson - Managing Director

Michael Kohing - CFO

David Pitt - Distribution
Mobile: 027 255 8670

Rachel Hefford - Investor Liaison
DDI: 03 345 8842