Optimum Projects

Project Management

Taurus Group includes a separate Project Management company, Optimum Projects –  

Optimum is our field team with extensive experience in property development and management. It was set up in response to a gap in the market for real end to end development solutions; by this we mean from concept discussions, to funding, legal, construction and management. We see this as a process and as such it should be managed as one, by one team.

While Optimum provides services to our clients, it also works independently for its own clients and projects.

Optimum is a business founded on important principals of project management:

  • Being hands-on, and on-site
  • Providing the link between the internal professional services of Chartered Accountancy, capital and finance and property advice, and the property's location
  • Being the property development and management eyes and ears for our clients
Optimum provides a vital service to clients who, at any time, can obtain open feedback on what's happening on-site. The team's skill set is very different to the rest of Taurus but equally important. Their site presence keeps us in touch, which is especially important for intense development environments like Christchurch.

Optimum Projects provides a range of services:

  • Integrated project management and development solutions – clients have ranged from small boutique developments to cross discipline projects with spends in excess of $100 million
  • High level project overview and feasibility testing
  • Project optimisation
  • Construction management and reviews
  • Integration with funders for funding solutions where complex financial development structures are required
  • Management of sales and marketing campaigns
  • Management of leasing campaigns
  • Comprehensive reporting and integration into accounting
  • Management of insurance claims
  • Expertise in arranging company and ownership structures to complement the development cycle

Key Contact

Daniel Godden