Pomeroy's – Capital Advisory to support business, and fulfil a dream 

"Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn" is a traditional English Style pub and restaurant located in Kilmore Street, Christchurch and owned by Steve and Victoria Pomeroy, who are long term clients of Taurus Group. 

Steve bought the original pub in 2000, as leasehold, with the aim of combining the ambiance of the building with serving great beer and food.

The pub itself was built in 1867 and is one of the oldest masonry buildings in Christchurch, so it could have been wiped from history in 2010/11 but thankfully it stood up.   

Steve then went about bringing the building up to 70% of new building standards with an upgrade costing around $2m.  His next challenge was to secure the business's financial future by acquiring the freehold - so he asked Taurus to help. 

Taurus managed the valuation and the raising of finance, and by mid-2014 Steve and Victoria had full ownership and a clear opportunity to make Pomeroy's the best destination pub in Canterbury.

But the story doesn't stop here.  Steve and Victoria also own the adjacent land and are developing a Yoga and Health Studio to bring even more life to the corner of Kilmore Street and Fitzgerald Avenue.   

"We've always had a strong relationship with Taurus.  They've helped us achieve some of our business goals including buying the freehold properties, launching Pom's Cafe as a breakfast and brunch venue and now the development of the new yoga and health studio," says Steve.

"They are always willing and helpful in the area of finance and bring expert capability to the table, especially when dealing with banks and presenting financial information in the right light.  

"Our goal has always been to bring life and new ideas to Christchurch and Taurus has played a central role in making this happen."