Jason Revell

Accountant / Client Manager

Jason works with a wide range of clients involved in a variety of industries, including residential and commercial construction companies, and service businesses. He also helps businesses deal more effectively with the IRD, especially when solving tax arrears issues.

He is a management accountant specialist and has been with Taurus since 2012. Before this he spent six years in the UK working various roles including Management Trainee with Samuel Smith Breweries before contracting in various Accounting roles. After returning to Christchurch, Jason has worked both employed and contracting in a variety of Accounting roles including clothing wholesale, sports retail, bakery food manufacturing and as the accountant for the Cholmondeley Children's Home.   

Outside work he is a busy father of three boys and enjoys cycling. He says he's lucky to live within walking distance of the craft beer triangle of Christchurch comprising Harringtons Brewery, Pomeroys and the Twisted Hop and dreams of owning a brewery one day.

Phone: +64 3 366 6087