What a lot of bull!


He's back – snorting and scraping the ground, and giving the new Taurus website a hint of our character.

He featured on our first website, getting angry and then charging through a wall emblazoned with words like tax, debt and finance planning.  Our charging bull had attitude, we liked it and clients made comments.  It was good.

But technology stymied our raging bull earlier this year and he was put out to pasture.  For some reason (who knows - ask the IT chaps) the bull animation couldn't be run on smartphones, tablets and the plethora of other devices we now own, so we had to think.

We wanted our bull back.

One of the beliefs we live by as a company is there is always a solution and we never stop until we find one.  And that's exactly what we did. 

We bent and manipulated the technology, cajoled and coerced the IT chaps, and so now our bull is back, and he's got a friend too. 

They're not charging or raging, but snorting and scraping.  They give you a hint of our character, and now you can watch them on your Applewhatever, Smartsomething and iEverythingelse.