New structure brings finance grunt to Taurus Group

Christchurch financial services firm Taurus has announced a new structure to emphasise the strength of its services in Chartered Accountancy and Capital and Finance, and to support its intention for Taurus Management Limited, a specialist in property syndicates and funds management, to become FMA licensed.

With former CEO Wayne Bailey moving to the role of Executive Director, the Group will be led by newly appointed joint CEOs, Paul Wouters and David Kitson.

Paul Wouters will lead the Chartered Accountancy division while David Kitson will head the Capital and Finance division, with a focus on strategic financial advice, property syndicates and funds management, through Taurus Management Limited.   

Wayne Bailey takes up a leadership and advisory role for the Group, while also managing specific transactions and providing clients ongoing advice and support.  Company founder Geoff Angus, the fourth member of the leadership team, will continue his involvement as a principal consultant concentrating on strategy and special projects.   

Paul Wouters, CEO and Head of Chartered Accountancy, says the new structure makes sense and while accounting is a core service and provides clients with a needed foundation they are increasingly looking for a broader range of services: 

"Accounting is an anchor for most businesses and private individuals – it needs to be solid and dependable, but after this box is ticked, a lot of people ask what's next?  This is where strategic financial solutions provide an added extra people want," he says.

"Gone are the days when people wanted a set of accounts and that was it.  People are increasingly creative and ambitious in how they manage finances for business and personal reasons, to build security and wealth, so advice that looks at other opportunities is needed.

"We help people with what they require from chartered accountancy and add strategic financial advice to help them secure their financial futures.  While we've always done this, our new structure puts focus, and grunt, behind both.

"Our team comprises senior advisers who are kept on their toes by younger team members – we come from different specialties and industries, as well as countries, so we have the expertise to create distinct, powerful and integrated solutions, whatever the background," he says.

David Kitson, CEO and Head of Capital and Finance, says Taurus's new structure gives people the ability to benefit from the specific services of different divisions and use complementary expertise to satisfy both business and personal goals:  

"People always look at how they can make their money work better, especially now bank rates are so low and fixed long term deposits are unattractive," he says. 

"This is human nature so we enable people to think outside the square, by listening to their desires and then offering practical advice and solutions.

"In some cases it's not all roses, so we also help people manage a way out of difficult financial situations – when people get into strife, they need sound advice, a helping hand and an answer."

"We provide what we believe is a key strength and difference – strategic financial solutions complemented by accounting services if required," he says.

Taurus Group started almost 20 years ago as a Business Advisory and Corporate Finance firm and later merged with a Chartered Accountancy practice in 2000.  It has grown on the base of integrity, strong values and honest trusting relationships.

"We are not a big team, so the main aim with our revised structure is to maintain our fantastic culture through the leadership of Paul and David, both of whom have been instrumental in building Taurus over the last few years, but most importantly our personal service will remain." says Wayne Bailey, outgoing CEO.

Over recent years, Taurus has evolved into a team of 40 at its head office in Christchurch, working with clients and investors nationwide. It works with some of the most well-known businesses and brands in Canterbury and currently manages around $40m of commercial and industrial property assets.  It also offers residential mortgages through Taurus Home Loans, specialist Trust consultancy services, and property related project management through a separate company, Optimum Projects.

For further information, please contact:

Jonathan Tudor – 021 790 475