Boxing on in Christchurch

The out of box thinking behind Christchurch's new Boxed Quarter mixed use development has been made possible by a successful project finance programme managed by Taurus Group.

The Boxed Quarter on the corner of Madras and St Asaph Streets, in the CBD, has been developed by project management company Optimum Projects and will house about 50 businesses and creative groups.  It will include cafés, shops, offices, studios, performance and exhibition spaces, and is built around laneways and public courtyards.

Taurus' Capital and Finance division brought together a number of local investors to fund the project as one of the new generation of vibrant spaces to return to the City.

Project Director Daniel Godden says the project is designed to be a modern and vibrant place to work, shop and relax, and will mix business with creativity, art and music:

"The concept takes the laneway style of yesteryear and puts it firmly in the 21st century," he says.  "It is constructed in a modern framed style, finished in steel, concrete and glass, and filled with a mix of tenants."  

"It is a contemporary place to be and with music and art on display it's likely to become a destination.  Christchurch has a fantastic opportunity to create this type of location where business and creativity come together as part of a City for the future," he says.

The Boxed Quarter started as an exhibition space concept mooted by Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.   Since then, it has grown from a community based idea to a full commercial project after being picked up by Optimum Projects, a sister company to Taurus Group.

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Beatbox Opens to Public

A new rehearsal space for Christchurch musicians has opened in the Boxed Quarter, as reported by Radio New Zealand – listen to the story here

According to Radio New Zealand's website the Christchurch Music Industry Trust officially opened the new three studio space called Beatbox on 29th September 2014 to provide musicians a low-cost place to create some noise.  The new space means musicians and bands will be able to hear how their music sounds in a more professional environment, after losing most of their practice venues in the earthquakes.

Deane Simmonds, manager of the Christchurch Music Industry Trust, says he hopes the space will act as a community hub for musicians to mix, share ideas and inspire each other.

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Imagine: Pohewa

Art and creativity bring life to the streets

Post-quake, artists and many others have kept the city's creative heart beating to bring excitement, colour and, most importantly, people back to the central city.  We meet some of these passionate individuals and look at how the arts contribute to the social, economic and cultural revitalization of Christchurch.

Christchurch: The Ever Evolving City is a documentary series is made up of five chapters featuring on Future of Christchurch, Greater Canterbury a Christchurch City Council Website.  Each chapter has a different theme but all showcase the highlights and developments in Christchurch post-quakes.

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