Art Metro - Artistic accounting

In 2012, Christchurch based teacher Simon Walmisley stumbled upon a business opportunity that would take him on a journey from the classroom to business ownership.

As Simon puts it: "I was fortunate enough to know the Harcourts business agent selling the Art Metro, a suburban art school with café and art supply shop.  She called me, told me about it and sent me down for a coffee.  I fell in love with the place almost immediately. The coffee and the food were first class and the students were welcoming and friendly."

After talking it over with family and deciding to buy the business Simon faced big questions such as how to come to grips with business ownership and management quickly and gain the confidence to take the leap.

What he needed most was an advisor who would listen to his ideas, take him through the ins and outs of business, mentor an accounting novice and help him plan so he could still put food on the table.

Simon talked to Taurus and liked its down to earth approach.  Taurus provided insightful analysis on how the business had been managed in the past and then worked with Simon to develop realistic financial forecasts for the first few years.  He was also taken through the basics from IRD advice to forecasting.

Taurus also provided a detailed analysis on the difference aspects of the business from the art school, to café and supply shop, and advised on which provided the best income stream and opportunity for short and long term success.

The main result for Simon was having the right professional and personal support:

"More than anything, Taurus provided me with the peace of mind I needed to make a decision that could, for better or worse, have a huge impact on my ability to provide for my family.  When I finally decided to go ahead, I knew that I had made the right decision, in no small part due to the help and guidance I received from the team at Taurus." 

Art Metro is thriving as a business and place where people can create and accomplish, whatever their levels of artistic talent, and has become an important avenue for relaxation for those who enjoy having a creative outlet.